What is a tracked machine?

Also known as spiders, these machines are specialist equipment, being and all terrain, and needing a 1b category IPAF license. They can also come operated for use. When within a shopping centre, school, theatre, also tree surgeons. These machines are great as they are lightweight and narrow enough to get you into those tighter areas, you just need a big enough working area for the machine to be set up to be used.

Using tracked machines

These machines use tracked wheels this gives you a better stability from the 4 legs that support and stabilise the machine and spreads the machine weight over a much greater area, so the downward pressure of the machine isn’t direct. Using the machine in lots of different ground conditions, great for challenging ground conditions such as lawns, gravel, fields. Tracked machines are easy to move around and get into the right area or position you need with it being quick to set up. you can get precise basket positioning, with the controls being smooth enough for you to get to exactly where you need to be.

Are tracked machines easy to use?

If you have had your training on the 1b IPAF category, then you know how to use the machine but also with these machine being specialist type, you can hire operators to operate/function the machines for use on the hire to get the job completed if this is the machine needed to get you there.

Will the tracks mark the flooring when using a tracked machine?

You have got the options of getting white tracks to prevent any marking to floors, when working inside with the machine. Ground guards are also available on an additional hire rate to be added. these also help with any marking that may happen from tracks, ad the machine drive across them. These are also used for onto of any grassed areas from getting any sort of track marks or grass being marked.

Why are tracked machines good to use?

  • Lightweight
  • Narrow width ( fit through tighter areas/ doorways)
  • Operator controller- ( to use when moving the machine)
  • Electric
  • Work on sloped areas
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Quick to set up

Starting from 14 metre working height going up to a greater working height of around 50+ metres.

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