What is a Diesel Scissor Lift?

Diesel scissor lifts are commonly used on areas with uneven ground that need that extra power and 4-wheel drive ability to get them to where they need to work.

Having the ability to drive across uneven ground and having the jack legs to support the stability of the machine to self-level on the area of work can also give you the capability of driving up to 50% gradeability.

Where would you use a diesel scissor lift?

  • Gravelled areas
  • Farm sites
  • Building sites
  • Slight inclined areas
  • Construction

With the rough terrain wheels, and 4×4 it makes it easier to travel across all these different ground types. Having the larger platform size gives you enough room to move around, allowing up to four people to work on the platform, with their tools.

Diesel scissor lifts also come with a push out deck. This gives you extra room or if you must access an area which is a little further out. In some of the bigger ranges you can get can have a double deck extension.

External use

Working in different weather conditions like winter, diesel engines run a lot better in these types of conditions, as electric machines can start to go a little sluggish and loose power in winter conditions, due to being hydraulic run.

Internal use

Diesel scissor lifts aren’t recommended for indoor use. Being in an enclosed space there isn’t enough ventilation, this will end up causing a build-up of fumes which could potentially cause staff to become ill from inhalation. For indoor use we would recommend electric scissor lifts.

If you have any questions about diesel scissor lifts, then why not give our expert team a call. We can give you advice on what type of machine is best for the job at hand. To hire your scissor lift call us on tel:0333 006 4477

email: sales@nationalplatforms.co.uk

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