What are Scissor Lifts?

Scissor lifts come in a wide range of sizes; these are the most commonly used in the access industry. From small to large deck sizes for all areas of work.

This helps with being able to have more than one worker in the basket at the same time.

Where to use them?

Scissor lifts are the most used machines including use indoors and outdoors. From small one-man electric scissors, up to a double-deck diesel scissor. These machines are great for areas such as:

  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Construction sites
  • Steel erecting
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Churches

What scissor for what job

Choosing the correct scissor lift for your job is important. Working on a sloped area with an electric scissor wouldn’t work to the ability of a diesel scissor, as you need the self-levelling jacks that are on the diesel scissor to level the machine. When hiring a machine having all the correct details of the site help with getting the correct machine for the job you must get completed. Having the movability in the smaller electric scissors helps with those tighter areas.

Which machine can I use outside?

You can use either machine outside as long as the machine has a wind rating, which will be shown on the side of the machine near the lower controls. Electric machines would only be able to work on a flat area e.g., concrete, tarmac etc. Ideally, the electric machine is used for indoor use and diesel are for outdoors. Having the 4×4 tyres also helps with the machine movability outdoors. When using a scissor or any other access equipment you must be aware of overhead power lines, this can be a hazard and could stop you from getting to the area needed.


If you have a location that is difficult to get to via HGV- the smaller electric scissor can be delivered on trailers, this makes it slightly easier with getting the machine to the location. This just needs stating on the order request.

If you would like more information about scissor lifts and how you can hire them, then why not get in touch with one of the friendly team on 0333 006 4477.

You can also email us on- sales@nationalplatforms.co.uk

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